Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Alaska: The Mount Healy Overlook

There are several hikes that begin near the Visitor Center in Denali. Only one is described as strenuous. With its 1700 ft. elevation gain in 2.5 miles, it's more than 4 times steeper than the other hikes.

As soon as I saw the outcropping of rock from the bottom of the trail, I knew that's where we were headed.

Here's the view from the top:

Right. But it's Alaska. So here's the view from the bus stop:

And here's the view in the coffee shop:

That's a glass of stout AND a coffee drink.

My friend Ellen has pointed out to me that I've been getting into my pajamas earlier and earlier as the trip progresses. At this rate, I won't need to get dressed at all on the last day.


Allison said...

Beautiful! I'm so glad you're there.

Ms. Moon said...

That cracked me UP!!!! "This is the view from the bus stop."
I call a beer and a cup of coffee the housewife's speedball.
I like the pajama idea. Today was Owen's last day of preschool and also...PAJAMA DAY!

Unknown said...

Missing our Monday/Tuesday's! But loving where you are at. As are you! Obviously! Color me light shade of green. How is the weather. Pretty nice, but early enough to not be too crowded?

Elizabeth said...

Wow! You did that strenuous hike? I'm so impressed with you, woman. The photos are divine -- what an exciting trip this has been.

Vesuvius At Home said...

So beautiful. Reminds me of my own Colorado Rockies.

lily cedar said...