Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

The day my daughters met their brother (click on this caption for some thoughts on being a birthmother)
I love my children with a full and open heart. They never stop surprising me. Spending time with any/all of them is pure joy.

And, at the age of 62, I still have my own mother. She's waking up as I type this, and I've just performed the two most essential morning tasks related to her caregiving: pushed the button on the coffee pot and jacked the heat up to 75.

And how can one celebrate Mother's Day without touching on the joy of being a grandmother?

They're A LOT older now--but just as adorable.

I wish you flowers, candy, cake, brunch while wearing fancy outfit if that's what you like. I wish you time with your family, breakfast in bed,  peace and quiet, a nap on the couch, wine and revelry until midnight--whatever works for you. Have fun. Love the love.


Ms. Moon said...

I have to say this- your mother is strikingly beautiful.
And you look like her.
Oh, Mother's Day. A day that I would love to sit on a balcony overlooking the beach, drinking gin and tonics.
Is that wrong?
Well, happy Mother's Day to all of us who are mothers and who had mothers and so on unto eternity.

Elizabeth said...

There's so much love in all three of these photos, and I agree that I see you in your mother and then you in your children and then you all over again in those grandchildren.

37paddington said...

I love that you shared the beautiful joy filled photos. Happy Mother's Day!

lily cedar said...

What beautiful smiles.