Saturday, May 23, 2015

ALASKA: Spirit Houses and How the Spirit Soars

The air here is so pure it's like the exhalation of the gods. The water right out of the tap is worthy of fancy crystal decanters.

After a morning walk along Ship Creek in Anchorage, we drove off. Our first stop was the Eklutna Historical Park where we walked through the cemetery and looked at the spirit house grave markers of the Athabascan Indians. Alongside the road behind a white picket fence sat houses atop the graves like something out of a fairy tale. Who wouldn't want their spirit to reside in a place like this?

Driving toward Denali, we made it to the Talkeetna Lodge and took a long walk into the town of Talkeetna for dinner. I had reindeer meatloaf with secret sauce. It was delicious. Also on the menu was something called Rudy in a Parka---"cheese stuffed reindeer link baked in dough." That sounded a bit heavy for my soaring spirit.


Ms. Moon said...

Wow! Wow! Amazing! Yes. The tiny spirit houses! I want one for my spirit.
This sounds like exactly what you need.
I wonder if the reindeer meatloaf is as good as the one I make with venison.
I'm sure it is.

Allison said...

Here is a link to an older post about how to navigate the Denali bus system, if you're thinking about using it. It's a prosaic thing, but good information.

Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh. I am loving seeing you here, and I just can't get over the tiny spirit houses.